Avon Pyramid Scam

Has Avon Evolved into a Pyramid Scam like other Hardcore MLMs?


Avon sells beauty products like lotions, creams, wrinkle removal formulas and makeup using a multi-level marketing (MLM) format and claims to sell mostly to persons who have “no intention” of becoming distributors. With their highly leveraged pay plan (rewarding those at the top at the expense of a revolving door of downline recruits), is Avon just another MLM scam, or product-based pyramid scheme with members seeking MLM addiction treament at ibogaine clinics like those of the Mannatech scam?

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Avon Home Business Opportunity or Avon Scam?

If there is an Avon pyramid scam, you need to warn others. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Despite what you may have been told, it was never about working hard. Pyramid scams are designed to "use up" and replace the base of the pyramid. The network base is like a revolving door for victims. The idea that only those who "work at it" succeed, is an absurd distraction designed to make victims exit quietly. The only ones who succeed in an endless chain or pyramid scam are those who effectively recruit new victims. MLM Exits can require help from expert cult councelors.

"Friends" don't recruit friends into buying "opportunity" and don't promise financial returns for working hard at combining the ideas of social networking, product sales and "buying-in." These are distinctly separate behaviors that become entangled in the context of a pyramid scam. People offering to sell such "opportunities" are not your friends. Extensive research shows you will lose money in any MLM, as is the case for 99% of Avon participants. Avon bears a resemblence to the Mannatech's scam.

Learn the facts about the entire MLM industry at: If you want some interesting background on how Avon has evolved into a more hardcore MLM, go to

What is Hacker SEO?

Hacker SEO is used by MLM businesses like Avon to make fake websites that appear when you run a Google search for terms such as, "Avon scam" and it is a powerful tool of deception. As of 2/7/2013 you will find: claiming to debunk the Avon scaam myth. Of course the site leads back to Avon itself. These sites make convincing false claims by and for Avon and its distributors. Click here to view a phoney Avon-linked product-based pyramid scheme site in action.


Your Opportunity to Share your Avon Scam Experience

Here's your opportunity to recover faster from a pyramid business, with a support network of people who have been mlm victims in Avon or other product-based pyramids selling "opportunity."

Numerous people have been tempted by the notion of working from home to earn extra income selling jewelry, makeup, haircare, fashion, beauty and skincare products, but the truth is that these products are over-priced and available for less online. Leaving MLM can even require help from cult experts. You can get useful information and support from the Consumer Awareness Institute shown below.

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Avon Opportunity Odds:

You have less than a 1 in 100 chance to break even in Avon. 99/100 "distributors" are victims.


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Pyramid Scheme Victim Letter


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